learning to love the imperfect.


Having traded in city living for a slower-paced life close to the ocean has its perks — it provides space to spread out (both physically and mentally), enjoy the time sinking into new routines, creative projects that have been left on the back burner for so long, and most of all time for reflection.

I am finding myself waking up earlier and earlier, which to someone who has never been a morning person is quite the shock. But, I have to be honest, after the first few days, I realized why people get up so early. For one it is nice to have time in the morning to slowly wake up, brew coffee and set the task list for the day ahead. Typically, by noontime, my to-dos are done, which leaves the afternoon open for exploration: time to surf Apartment Therapy for styling inspiration, shoot in the studio or hit the reset button by going for a walk on the beach.


There is this assumption, in order to create a space in our home that truly reflects how we present ourselves in the world, we must invest both time and money to avoid the overwhelm of not having everything we *think* we need. For one, I love finding a new rug or plant stand — but when we start to add items to our living spaces ask the question, “Is this piece adding to the aesthetic value to this space, as well as, the functionality?”

If a piece is solely in the room for pure decoration make sure it XXX


Liz and I were on the hunt for a pop of neon to echo the pallet in her piece photographed above, but after searching high and low with no luck we were not sure what to do. Over afternoon coffee, Liz had the idea to add a splash of color to the room with a bit of house paint. Design is about the unexpected — adding a X color to your space or a pattern can transform a space instantly.

Before & After:




Finding beauty in the imperfection is difficult for me as I tend to find comfort in having a specific place for everything. But hey, that is not how life works, right? Allowing yourself the time to focus on crafting a daily routine and ritualizing it provides mental clarity to XXX.


Plans for the weekend — dropping in on the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market, helping pack and move my grandparents out of their old home, and going to see Conor Oberst at Prescott Park on Sunday. What are your plans for the weekend ahead?

post notes:
Mug, Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics
Chair, CB2
Framed Collages, Elizabeth Curry


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